Arisaka defense Offset Optic Mount


The Patent Pending Arisaka Offset Optic Mount is a modular mounting solution that allows the user to select a 35 or 45 degree offset position for their red dot sight without additional components. The 35 degree position brings the red dot sight up closer to slimmer, smaller scopes, while the 45 degree position provides additional clearance around wider turrets.

The mount is set to 35 or 45 degrees by reversing the stem between the optic plate and base during assembly. The mount’s unique geometry correctly aligns the optic vertically over the bore and maintains a consistent height at both 35 and 45 degrees.

Two heights of plates are offered; standard (1.5″ to 1.8″) and tall (1.9″ to 2.2″). The base and optic plates can be reversed, making the mount fully ambidextrous. It is recommended that you choose the plate height that corresponds to your primary optic height. For example, if your scope is mounted in a 1.54” height mount, you’d choose the regular height plate for your offset red dot. This ensures a consistent cheek weld and seamless transition between your primary optic and offset red dot.

A wide selection of red dot sights are supported with interchangeable optic plates.

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